The spreadsheet

Know. your. money.

Earn more, spend less.

Keep it simple, keep it effective.

The simplest tech that put you at the top of your finances.

On A Budget is a simple Google spreadsheet to track your expenses, incomes and budgets. That's it. Only what you need, carefully designed by people who needed the same tool than you while still controling it entirely. It saves you the hassle of searching for apps or resources and let you start now to grow your finance.

So why should you start to budget?

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Reclaim peace of mind

Money can be worrysome. Fix that. Track exactly what you spend, how much you own, your future expenses and start acting based on actual data. There's no tech gimmick here, just a frank spreadsheet that will tell you how you're doing. And what's next.

Take control

Open your sheet and it will greet you by what's in, what's out. Deal with it. Or head to the cockpit tab and start understanding where all those dollars go. Too much on entertainement? Rent more than 30% of my income? How much can I spend per day and still save for my wedding? Time to figure that out.

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Go beyond

All of this is ready to sail, out of the box. But your data is yours, and so is your workflow and tastes. Fortunately, once you will receive the template link, sky is the limit. Tweak parameters, customize, improve, learn, discuss with us. We're really just getting started.

We are screwing the last bolts, get notified when it launches!


Feature-packed, battery-included, even pretty.

Expenses tracker

Categories monitoring

Budget planner

Finances review

Performances at a glance

Even a todo list


Check the FAQ
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Crafted by humans

Hey nice to meet you, we are the creators of On A Budget. We are also the night owls who will answer if you need anything and click on the bottom right bubble.

We created this project to drive our real financial decisions, in real life. We are convinced a budget and a simple tool are key to get started or keep rolling a successful financial journey. We sincerely hope it will help you too, let us know ;)

Finally the sweat spot of powerfull features in a simple package I can entirely customise and evolve. It was a no-brainer to track my expenses and finally know where all that money goes!
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Paul Mourot

Intrapreneur at Tiime